• Sold 11.252 €
    Sold 11.252 €
    Michel BASSOMPIERRE (1948)
    Bear in patinated bronze
  • Sold 441.000€
    Sold 441.000€
    Léonard Tsuguharu FOUJITA (1886-1968). Autoportrait à la clef.
  • Sold 187.502€
    Sold 187.502€
    Exceptional medallion in carved lime tree with an allegorical representation of Pope Pius VI.
  • Sold 61.000 €
    Sold 61.000 €
    Huile sur panneau de chêne,
    école Hollandaise du 17e siècle
  • Sold 33 000 €
    Sold 33 000 €
    Constantin Meunier ( 1831 - 1905 )
    Imposant buste d'ouvrier en plâtre
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  • Sold 48 000 €
    Sold 48 000 €
    HERMAN Richir ( 1866-1942)
    " La rose d'Ispahan "
  • Sold 28.752 €
    Sold 28.752 €
    Exceptional Louis XV period lantern clock with quarters and carillon, mechanism composed of 11 bells and 17 hammers.
  • Sold 18.752 €
    Sold 18.752 €
    Anna BOCH (1848-1936). Port Méditerranéen, Oil on canvas
  • Sold 15.000 €
    Sold 15.000 €
    Charles Catteau.
    Vase en grès stylisé de la manufacture Boch Keramis
  • Sold 11.252€
    Sold 11.252€
    Neo-Gothic chalice and its silver paten
  • Sold 21 000 €
    Sold 21 000 €
    Rare commode en marqueterie Liégeoise
    Epoque Louis XIV à décor de rosaces
  • Sold 11.877€
    Sold 11.877€
    Anna BOCH (1848-1936). Cour de ferme en Normandie,


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Lot N° 236

Adham WANLY (1908-1959). The ball of the laundresses. Oil on cardboard signed and dated 1948 lower left. On the back, the title "Le bal des blanchisseuses", the identity of the original owner, Mr. Robert Karsenty, and the countersignature of the artist situating the work in Alexandria Egypt in 1948. Oil on cardboard. Dimensions : 47,5 x 32,8 cm. Provenance : Robert Karsenty private collection, painting probably acquired from the artist in 1948 (in Alexandria or Paris?), then private collection by descent. The common thread between the artist, the Karsenty family and the subject matter rests on a common base: the world of entertainment. Adham Wanly, an Egyptian artist, brother of the painter Seif Wanly, mainly represented scenes of shows, circus, opera and cabaret. Thus, he treated, among others, the performances held at the Cairo Opera House or at the Mohamed Ali Theater in Alexandria. Robert Karesenty was the administrator of the Galas Karsenty in the 1940s. The Galas Karsenty were founded in 1919 by Raphaël Karsenty, who died in 1932. His nephew Marcel Karsenty took over the management after his death in 1932, assisted by his brothers ROBERT and Pierre. This family was influential in the entertainment world throughout the 20th century and generated collaborations with artists such as Sacha Guitry, Raimu, Louis Jouvet and later Louis de Funès, to name a few. The list of Karsenty's gala programs indicates that the troupe performed in Egypt in 1948... This may have been the meeting point between the Egyptian painter and the show director. But let us emphasize that the presence of the Wanly brothers is potentially proven in Paris the same year, indeed, we find a painting entitled "Ballet des champs Elysées, Irene Skorik greeting the public", painted by his brother Seif Wanly in 1948 (Bonhams London sale, 12/10/2016). The illustrated show, on the other hand, is not imaginary and reflects a famous performance: The Laundresses' Ball, a 1946 ballet performance by Boris Kochno, was presented as such: "A clarinet player passed by in the street. Suddenly the whole laundry is in turmoil. Around the musician and the one he has chosen, a ball is soon organized: the ball of the laundresses. On the work, referring to what was announced at the time, we can identify in the center in black dress, the actress Danièle Darmance, to her right, the ballet master in white, Roland Petit and most likely Youra Louboff on the clarinet. Related works (non-exhaustive list): -Museum of Modern Art, Alexandria Egypt. -The girl badly kept, three dancers. 1949". Collection of Professor Said Farsi Egypt. -Works in collections and foundations in Cairo and Alexandria. -Hindiyeh Museum Jordan. -Venice Biennale 1956 (Circus scene). -Sales Christie's / Sothebys E.A.U. Original frame. Mark in pencil on the back: Robert Karsenty and numbers. (some chips). Adham WANLY (1908-1959). Het bal van de wasvrouw. Olie op karton gesigneerd en gedateerd 1948 linksonder. Op de achterkant staat de titel: "The Laundress's Ball", de identiteit van de oorspronkelijke eigenaar, de heer Robert Karsenty, evenals de medehandtekening van de kunstenaar die het werk in 1948 in Alexandrië, Egypte plaatste. Olieverf op karton. Afmetingen: 47,5 x 32,8 cm. Provenance: Robert Karsenty privécollectie, schilderij waarschijnlijk verworven van de kunstenaar in 1948 (in Alexandrië of Parijs?), daarna privécollectie door afstamming. De rode draad tussen de artiest, de familie Karsenty en het behandelde onderwerp is gebaseerd op een gemeenschappelijke basis: de wereld van entertainment. Adham Wanly, Egyptian artist, brother of the scholar Seif Wanly, has created many scenes for shows, circus, opera and cabaret. Zo behandelde hij onder meer optredens in het Cairo Opera House of in het Mohamed Ali Theatre in Alexandrië. Robert Karesenty was the leader of the Galas Karsenty in the 40s. De Galas Karsenty werden in 1919 opgericht door Raphaël Karsenty, die stierf in 1932. Zijn neef Marcel Karsenty nam na zijn dood in 1932 de leiding over, gesteund door zijn broers ROBERT en Pierre . Deze familie was invloedrijk in de entertainmentwereld gedurende de 20e eeuw en genereerde samenwerkingen met artiesten als Sacha Guitry, Raimu, Louis Jouvet en later Louis de Funès, om er maar een paar te noemen. De lijst met Karsenty-galaprogramma's vertelt ons dat de groep in 1948 in Egypte optrad... This was a missed opportunity for the Egyptian artist and the show director to meet. Maar laten we onderstrepen dat de aanwezigheid van de gebroeders Wanly potentieel bewezen is in hetzelfde jaar in Parijs, inderdaad, we vinden een schilderij getiteld "Ballet des champs Elysées, Irène Skorik saluting the public", geschilderd door haar broer Seif Wanly in 1948 (Bonhams Uitverkoop Londen, 10/12/2016). De Adham WANLY (1908-1959).


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