• Sold 11.252 €
    Sold 11.252 €
    Michel BASSOMPIERRE (1948)
    Bear in patinated bronze
  • Sold 441.000€
    Sold 441.000€
    Léonard Tsuguharu FOUJITA (1886-1968). Autoportrait à la clef.
  • Sold 187.502€
    Sold 187.502€
    Exceptional medallion in carved lime tree with an allegorical representation of Pope Pius VI.
  • Sold 61.000 €
    Sold 61.000 €
    Huile sur panneau de chêne,
    école Hollandaise du 17e siècle
  • Sold 33 000 €
    Sold 33 000 €
    Constantin Meunier ( 1831 - 1905 )
    Imposant buste d'ouvrier en plâtre
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  • Sold 48 000 €
    Sold 48 000 €
    HERMAN Richir ( 1866-1942)
    " La rose d'Ispahan "
  • Sold 28.752 €
    Sold 28.752 €
    Exceptional Louis XV period lantern clock with quarters and carillon, mechanism composed of 11 bells and 17 hammers.
  • Sold 18.752 €
    Sold 18.752 €
    Anna BOCH (1848-1936). Port Méditerranéen, Oil on canvas
  • Sold 15.000 €
    Sold 15.000 €
    Charles Catteau.
    Vase en grès stylisé de la manufacture Boch Keramis
  • Sold 11.252€
    Sold 11.252€
    Neo-Gothic chalice and its silver paten
  • Sold 21 000 €
    Sold 21 000 €
    Rare commode en marqueterie Liégeoise
    Epoque Louis XIV à décor de rosaces
  • Sold 11.877€
    Sold 11.877€
    Anna BOCH (1848-1936). Cour de ferme en Normandie,

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Lot N° 79

Beautiful and large okimono in bronze with brown patina, representing a roaring tiger, head raised, moving forward while stretching. On its belly, three stamps, including the signature Atsuyoshi saku, a large stamp bearing the mark of the Maruki Company, Maruki shachu seisaku, and the kanji Toku, "Special" Japan, Meiji period, end of 19th-beginning of 20th century. (On a wooden base) Length : 76 cm. Note : Atsuyoshi was a great Japanese bronze master, who worked during the Meiji period (1868-1912) mainly for the Maruki Company, a company based in Tokyo, presenting itself as specializing in "ivory netsuke and metal items". He seems to have been mainly dedicated to the creation of animal subjects, wild and domestic, especially tigers in various positions, but also other animals such as elephants, bears, dogs, as well as female and male figures. Mooie en grote bronzen okimono met bruine patina, die een brullende tijger voorstelt, zijn kop omhoog, vooruit strekkend. Op de buik drie postzegels, waaronder de handtekening Atsuyoshi saku, een grote postzegel met het merkteken van de Maruki Company, Maruki shachu seisaku, en de kanji Toku, "Special" Japan, Meiji-periode, eind 19e-begin 20e eeuw (Op houten voet) Lengte: 76 cm. Opmerking: Atsuyoshi was a great Japanese craftsman, who during the Meiji-period (1868-1912) worked for the Maruki Company, a company based in Tokio, which he presented as specializing in "ivoren nets and metal articles". Hij lijkt zich vooral te hebben gewijd aan het creëren van dierlijke onderwerpen, wilde en gedomesticeerde, meer in het bijzonder tijgers in verschillende posities, maar ook andere dieren zoals olifanten, beren, honden, evenals vrouwelijke en mannelijke karakters.


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