Antiques, paintings, furniture and objets d'art, art nouveau, art deco

dimanche 24 septembre 2023 13:00
Gerpinnes , 52, rue de Bertransart 6280 Gerpinnes
Sale information

Exhibition on September 21, 22 and 23 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

- Exhibition hours: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

- Closing of purchase orders on Saturday 09/23 at 7 p.m.

- Live registrations close on Sunday 09/24 at 12 p.m.


Please note when participating in auctions on Drouot Live

It is imperative to register for the sale and/or create an account.

Collection of lots:

ONLY by appointment by CLICKING HERE

or by phone

Thank you for your understanding.

Sales conditions

Conditions générales de vente (EN)

You can make your purchases as follows:

-In the room.

-Telephone purchase orders.

- Written offers.

-Live Auctions

In this case, you are recommended to check your authorized bidding limit and, if necessary, contact the auction house in order to authorize an adequate bidding limit and to avoid a blockage during your bets during the Live.

Guarantees or references may be requested.

The hammer price is increased by 28% of buyer's fees including VAT for purchases outside Live.

Surcharge for:

For auctions made live via Drouot on line: + 2%

For auctions made live via 3%

For auctions made live via Invaluable: 5%

Original or limited works produced by artists who died less than 70 years ago and whose sale price is equal to or greater than 2000 euros, are subject to resale rights (4% and decreasing, see details in our GCS, link at the bottom of this page). page)

PAYMENTS: For payments, the preferred payments are bank transfer or payment by card.

Purchases are to be paid within 5 days of the invoice.

On this one and only account:


IBAN BE87732069873494 BIC:CREGBEBB . Bénéficiaire : MJV SOUDANT

For international transfers, the costs are fully borne by the buyer.


Purchases must be collected within 15 days of the session. Beyond that, they are no longer covered and storage costs may be applied (see our terms and conditions).

In general, the auction house does not ship purchases through its own services.

We provide our buyers with a list of professional carriers in the sector.

This advice does not in any way imply the responsibility of the auction house in the event of a delivery incident.

In some cases, we can carry out the packaging before postal shipment or support by your forwarding agent.

This service may be charged depending on the case, please inform yourself beforehand. (This applies to delicate batches requiring a packaging time of more than 15 minutes)

The auction house assumes no responsibility for transport.

CONDITION OF LOTS: The descriptions are intended to be as precise as possible, they are nevertheless purely indicative.

It is not always possible to describe an object in its smallest details, so we recommend that you ask us about those possible details which would be crucial for you and your purchase decision, and to ask us for additional condition reports at need.

Otherwise, no claim will be accepted, even in the event of a gap in our original description.

The luminaires are sold as is and a review by a professional is indicated before being put into use.

The old paintings are supposed to have known old restorations. UV reports available on request.

The condition of the frames is not scrupulously detailed.

The clocks are sold as is, the mechanisms are not guaranteed. They are supposed to be revised/restored.

The buyer is supposed to inquire about the legislation of his country concerning the importation of certain type of goods.

Under no circumstances may an auction be canceled for this reason or for a refusal of an export license.

Participation in the auction implies acceptance of our general conditions of sale in their entirety - available on our website

In the event of a dispute, the Belgian courts have sole jurisdiction.

MJV SOUDANT Auctioneer: Valéry Soudant. Bailiff: Alain Niedworak, Chimay