Peltzer de Breteuil collection and various (Antiques, 17th century works of art and Street Art)

dimanche 01 mai 2022 13:00
Gerpinnes , 52, rue de Bertransart 6280 Gerpinnes
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Memories of Countess Hélène le Tonnelier de Breteuil, her mother Princess Elisabeth Chavchavadze (née Ridgway) and the late Jacques Peltzer, son of Countess de Breteuil and Belgian industrialist Georges Peltzer

Following the succession of Mr. Jacques Peltzer we will disperse: the furniture and objects from his illustrious Franco-Belgian family which furnished his last home. From goldsmithery to the arms of the Breteuils, busts and portraits representing the Prince and Princess Chavchavadze, 18th century furniture and decorative art objects that furnished various properties of the Countess of Breteuil (Château de Breteuil, Hôtel particulier de la rue de Bellechasse in Paris, the Peltzer castle in Verviers, the properties of Sologne or Deauville), paintings painted by his grandmother Princess Chavchavadze.

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